• PO Box: 11737, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
  • info@esecuae.com
    +( 971 ) 4398 9879


  • PO Box: 11737, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • +( 971 ) 4398 9879
  • info@esecuae.com

Structural Design

Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants provides structural designing services to a wide variety of clients including private owners, architects, contractors, commercial entities, religious entities and business professionals.


Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants designs highly integrated high performance structure meeting the most stringent standard. The engineering team strives to incorporate energy saving, technologically advanced electrical, HVAC, plumbing and fire-protection systems, in to the structures. Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants continually invests in cutting-edge technology & which can improve cost effectiveness and support critical design needs.

Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants has successfully provided a full range of structural design service, tapping into the vast experience of the team. The engineers are experts in the properties of diversified building materials including concrete, structural steel, masonry (brick and block), wood, aluminum, and light gage framing (metal studs, etc.) thus providing multiple choice of structural make-ups to the clients. The team works with sophisticated tools like moisture meters, infrared cameras, digital borescopes, etc. for assessments, forensic inspections of the site to ensure the solutions provided is long lasting.

Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants helps in designing and developing fundamentally strong structures built to serve its purpose for very long time.

Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants offers a wide range of structural consultations including:

New Structural Design

  • Remedial Structural Design
  • Failure Analysis
  • Analysis of Existing Structures
  • Peer Review
  • Load Testing
  • Temporary Shoring
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Deteriorated Structure Repair
  • Value Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying

Structural Scope of Work:

  • Etab Model & Analysis
  • Safe Model & Analysis
  • Revit Structure Modelling
  • Raft Foundation Model & Design
  • Proken Design
  • Planning & Management By Primavera
  • Make Calculations About Loads & Stresses
  • Earth Quake & Wind Load Case Study
  • Prepare Building Design Reports & Drawings
  • Value Engineering For Buildings
  • Prepare Boq For Buildings
  • Prepare Building Specification
  • Site Work Inspection