• PO Box: 11737, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
  • info@esecuae.com
    +( 971 ) 4398 9879


  • PO Box: 11737, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • +( 971 ) 4398 9879
  • info@esecuae.com

Architectural Design

The first phase of any architectural design is the schematic design the team at Emirates SAS Engineering Consultants strive to transform the clients’ concept into schematic design or a preliminary plan incorporating the specific requirements related to the project. The plan is further developed into a complete design using state of the art CAD software providing the client a virtual view of the interiors & exteriors. The client is provided real life perspective of the aesthetic, functional, economical & environmental aspects of the project.


Typical to the company’s focus on providing a customized solution the architectural design process is classified into 2 major areas with well defined steps covering every single aspect:

Schematic Design

  • Review of program with client
  • Preliminary design concepts
  • Landscape consultant input
  • Presentation of design concepts to client
  • Client review and input
  • Schematic design finalization

Design Development

  • Preliminary design of building systems with consulting engineers
  • Presentation of design development to client
  • Review of project cost estimate with client
  • Client review and input
  • Design finalization

Architectural Scope of Work:

  • Architectural concept design as per Dubai Minicupality requirements and green buildings regulations.
  • Working Drawings for architectural projects.
  • 2d Visualization (Plans, Elevations and isometrics).
  • 3d visualizations (3d perspectives).
  • 3d Animation videos.
  • Revit Architectural Modelling.